Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection

Mercerville Family Dental Hamilton Township NJ


There are times during your clinical exam in which Dr. Loutfi, Dr. Stern, Dr. Popkin and Dr. Germani may use the aid of the Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detector.

The chewing surfaces of our back teeth have lots of tiny cracks and fissures.  These cracks are spots where decay is likely to start. Because of how narrow they are however, our dental tools cannot always feel through the cracks to see if the enamel has become weakened.

The Diagnodent uses light technology to shine a laser onto the surface and through the enamel.  It then measures the reflected light it receives back from the beam.  Dense, healthy enamel will display little or no reaction.  Soft or weakened enamel will reflect the light back to the machine and display a higher number as well as louder sound alerting the doctor that the tooth structure has been compromised and decay is present.

This allows Drs. Loutfi, Stern, Popkin and Germani to catch the decay at the earliest possible stage so that the most conservative and appropriate treatment can be designed for the patient.


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