GURU Dental Education Software

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GURU Dental Education Software video

In today’s world of technology, we feel it is important to have a visually advanced method of educating our patients about their dental healthcare.  We believe that by informing our patients and thoroughly explaining treatment options, we will allow them to make decisions that are just right for them.

One of our latest and most exciting additions to our treatment rooms is the Guru Dental Education Software.  We have chosen this state of the art software so that our patients get a clear and concise explanation of dental conditions and procedures that are pertinent to their care, as well as simple demonstrations such as brushing and flossing.

Each of our rooms has its own I Pad which displays the 3 dimensional, full color animated movies right in the palm of their hands.  It is also available for viewing on our computers.  Patients love it, and they leave our office with a thorough understanding of what they discussed with the doctor or hygienist!


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